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2020年是 Relaxer 休闲椅诞生的五十周年。

Relaxer 设计于1970年,是丹麦国宝级设计大师维纳·潘顿的作品。我们希望借此重阳佳节之际,带你回到50年前的科隆展,领略这把摇摆休闲椅的前世今生,同时也致敬这位带有“反叛色彩”的天才造梦家。

2020 makes the 50th anniversary of Relaxer.

Relaxer, designed by Verner Panton in 1970, whom the designer was considered one of Denmark's most influential architects and designers of all-time. On the occasion of the Double Ninth Festival in 2020, we had witnessed his wild fantasy came true and hereby bring you back to Cologne revisiting where it all started 50 years ago.


(©️Verner Panton Design AG)




“One sits more comfortably on a colour that one likes.”

——Verner Panton

The design world in the 1960s was embracing Pop Art and drew inspiration from the dreams and fantasy of space travel. Panton’s ebullient Pop Art sensibility made him an international design star of the 1960s and 70s. He was particularly sensitive to color, and his designs were a departure from classic Danish modernism. Over the course of his career, Panton created innovative and futuristic designs in a variety of materials, especially plastics, and in vibrant and exotic colors.






1970年,维纳·潘顿受邀为化工制药公司拜耳设计了在科隆国际家具展期间的景观空间设计 “视觉2号” 。与传统的场景化室内设计不同,潘顿的梦幻房间装置在颜色上丰富多彩,模组化软包家具大胆而前卫,宛如一艘在太空中巡航的宇宙飞船,创造了顺应新时代的生活方式家具环境,带来极大的视觉冲击和启发,观感令人窒息。每一个房间不仅拥有其独特的色彩,还辅以不同的音乐,甚至味道。

In 1970, Verner Panton was commissioned by Bayer AG to create the interior landscape Visiona 2, one of the most radical visions of the future in twentieth-century design. Instead of separate rooms with classical furnishings, Panton developed a domestic environment composed of colorful, modular upholstery elements, reflecting the informal, relaxed attitude and lifestyles of the time.


科隆展媒体报道 (©️Verner Panton Design AG)

六十年代末七十年代中期,化工制药公司拜耳为了在每一年的科隆家具展期间,宣传其合成材料产品与家具的运用,特意在展会旁的莱茵河上租了一艘游艇,并邀请知名的当代设计师对其进行改造成一个独一无二的展厅。然而当1968年维纳·潘顿受邀作为主刀设计后,人们目光的焦点发生了反转——一夜之间来到了这艘名为 “视觉0号” 的游艇上。1970年潘顿设计的 “视觉2号” 景观空间色彩艳丽、大胆前卫,被认为是二十世纪后五十年最重要的空间设计之一。潘顿标新立异的非凡创意宛如烟花般绽放,作品从深度到广度都备受赞誉——不少作品都收到市场认可并投入量产,其中包括目前由麦兹弗生产的 Relaxer。

From the end of the Sixties to the mid-Seventies the chemical company Bayer rented a pleasure boat “Loreley” during every Cologne furniture fair and had it transformed into a temporary showroom by a well-known contemporary designer. The main aim was to promote various synthetics products in connection with home furnishings. Verner Panton was commissioned no less than twice to design this exhibition, entitled 'Visiona'. The 1970 'Visona 2' exhibition showed the Fantasy Landscape which was created in this environment. The resulting room installation consisting of vibrant colours and organic forms is one of the principal highlights of Panton's work. In terms of design history this installation is regarded as one of the major spatial designs of the second half of the twentieth century.

The creative fireworks which Panton lit with his studio within a preparation time of only a few months for 'Visiona 2' is expressed not only in the highly diversified room designs in the exhibition ship, but also in the wide range of furniture, lighting, wall coverings and textiles developed specially for this presentation. Some of these were adapted and went into series production later, including Relaxer by MatzForm. 

(Text ©️Verner Panton Design AG)


在 “视觉2号” 潘顿创造的众多房间中,这款香蕉型的摇摇椅无疑是 Silver Room 中最夺人眼球的家具。该椅子即为 Relaxer 的原型,由当时最流行的塑料和可拆卸的软垫组成。随后的1974年,Rosenthal Studioline 宣布在德国量产 Relaxer 2并投入市场。该版本已拥有当今量产版本的雏型——两个弯曲木架作底并由多个木条连接;软垫由布料或皮料软包以保证舒适坐感。由于其总体相对较少的产量,该椅如今已成为中古家具收藏界的宠儿。

One of the centerpieces of Visiona 2 was a spectacular lounge rocker – a banana-shaped recliner initially made of plastic with removable upholstery, the ancestor of Relaxer that later went into production. Later in 1974, Relaxer 2 was released by Rosenthal Studioline and produced in Germany, consisting of two bent wooden runners which are connected by slats. Foam upholstery with fabric or leather-covered cover fitted to the slats ensures seating comfort. Due to the relatively small numbers produced, the Panton Relaxer chair has then turned into a highly collectible object for vintage design aficionados and collectors.


*Among the many spectacular rooms that Verner Panton created for the Visiona 2 exhibition in Cologne (1970) in addition to the legendary “Fantasy Landscape”, there are some whose visual power of seduction can sadly not be adequately conveyed through the medium of photography. This applies in particular to the interior setting, styled entirely in silver and violet, in which the first things to catch the public’s eye were the banana-curved lounge rockers (small series) – predecessors of the “Relaxers” that later went into production. (©️Verner Panton Design AG)


对设计师初始设计的尊重和追求极致的生产工艺,自始自终都是 Søren Matz 马书文先生(麦兹弗的CEO及创始人)的核心价值观。自上世纪90年代马书文便开始了与 Verner Panton Foundation 的合作,至今已有二十余载。


Rooted in shared respect for thoughtful design and fine craftsmanship, Mr. Søren Matz (founder and CEO of MatzForm) has started collaborating with Verner Panton Foundation since the 90s.

In 1998, Verner Panton passed away 12 days before a retrospective of his work was due to open at the Trapholt Museum in Kolding, Denmark, leaving a great legacy behind to the world.


2003年,麦兹弗宣布再次量产发行 Relaxer 摇摇椅。

21世纪初的版本还是采用马来西亚红木实木作为木架,而如今则换成了具有环保认证的北美白橡木,并提供不同的颜色选项。坐垫为现代工艺打造,高质量的海绵,并采用来自 Kvadrat 或 Maharam 的高科技面料软包,亦可选意大利进口苯胺革,提供了极佳坐感和环保性。

In 2003, MatzForm re-released "The Relaxer Rocking Chair".

The chair at that time was fitted with a frame of solid Nyatoh (Malaysian Mahagony) now with Certified American White Oak in various finishes, and a PU foam cushion upholstered with high-quality fabrics and leathers, from among others Kvadrat and Maharam.


别忘了,这位天马行空、一次又一次突破传统的丹麦设计师,这位擅长运用塑料、玻璃纤维的色彩梦想家,维纳·潘顿,在这款椅子的选材上回归了传统——实木。这也许就是 Relaxer 独特的地方。

From poolside relaxation and bar lounging, to the kid's favorite computer gaming chair; the Relaxer chair is already re-claiming its former state as one of the most interesting icons from Verner Panton’s design universe. Particular the fact that it is made from solid wood – a natural material that Verner seldom worked with.



Double Ninth Festival, also called Chong Yang Festival, observed on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, is a traditional Chinese holiday. This year falls on October 25th, 2020. The number "nine" is pronounced Jiu, a sound shared by another Chinese character which has a very auspicious meaning: "long-lasting." During the festival, people celebrate to appreciate the elderly and worship their ancestors.



The Erhu, is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument, more specifically a spike fiddle, which may also be called a Southern Fiddle, and sometimes known in the Western world as the Chinese violin or a Chinese two-stringed fiddle.